Homeless Or At-Risk Youth Application

Thanks for your interest in the Rhinelander Host Home Program!  The Rhinelander Host Home Program provides young people experiencing homelessness or believing they are at risk of becoming homeless, with an opportunity to live with an individual or family to provide a safe home environment for up to 18 months (special circumstances could extend this period).  The Hosts go through background checks, training, and are volunteers.

The program requires you to have a case manager that will refer you to the program, provide on-going support while participating in the program, and will work on goals with you.  Merlin Van Buren is the Program Manager and contact person for the Rhinelander Host Home Program through The Lifeboat Foundation.  You can email Merlin (office@lifeboatfoundation.org) or call (715) 502-2370

Application Process & Program Guidelines

  1. Fill out application and case manager recommendation (this is for staff use only and will not be shared with any Hosts)
  2. Meet with Program Manager to review Host possibilities
  3. Set-up an introduction to meet Host with Program Manager and Case Manager
  4. You and Host meet again
  5. Coordinate move-in
  6. Develop goal plan
  7. Meet weekly with Case Manager
  8. Meet monthly with Hosts, Program Manager, and Case Manager
  9. Remain alcohol and drug free

Confidentiality Policy

The information you fill in on this application will be shared only between your case manager and the Rhinelander Host Home Program manager.  Host households will not see this application.  Personal information will not be disclosed to host households, with the exception of serious medical conditions (i.e. fatal peanut or pet allergy, seizures) and then only with your consent. If you have a grievance about this program, first speak with your case manager.  They can help you set up a time to talk with Merlin or other designated Host Home support staff to discuss your grievance.